The plant includes several manufacturing departments: a log receiving and sorting area, a saw mill, a kiln chamber area, a dimension mill, a fuel boiler area and a motor transportation facility.


    The log receiving and sorting area is equipped with an automated log sorting line LT 182. A highly-productive and high-precision timber grading allows to maximally increase merchantable lumber yield while sawing and additionally cuts manpower and human error influence on grading results.


    The sawmill is based on two production lines:
  1. Circular Sawblade Saw Mill System
  2. Vertical Band Saw Head Rig System
    The circular saw mill line represents a complete complex to process 16-30 mm (apical diameter) diameter input logs.
    The line is designed for sawing small diameter logs and allows to efficiently process both hardwood and softwood logs.

    The Vertical Band Saw Mill System is mainly designed to efficiently process large diameter logs.
    The line consists of a vertical band saw machine with a hydraulic carriage to position logs prior to sawing; a hydraulic vertical resaw for slabs and a hydraulic 3-saw parallel board edger.
    Due to highly qualified manufacturing personnel and German superfine cutting tools it is insured to stably obtain a high quality grade of lumber.


    Kiln Chamber complex is equipped with Italian conventional dry-kiln chambers INCOPLAN. Each dry-kiln chamber nominal capacity at standard lumber is 100 cubic meters.
    There are 12 dry-kiln chambers in the complex.
    Each chamber is equipped with following:
  • A double process monitoring system (local and remote);
  • A circulated air speed smooth adjustment system;
  • A directional flow of circulated air achieved due to adjustable vertical baffles which prevent circulated air from bypassing and affecting dried lumber quality.
    All the above listed equipment features and the highest qualification of serving and technological staff along with meeting all process technology features and drying rules, all in all superbly result in lower production reject.


    The Dimension Mill includes two sites:
  1. Rough Dimension Mill
  2. Finished Dimension Mill and production shipping area
    The first site includes all kinds of initial lumber cutting and ripping. At the same site we start to form a stock for manufacturing glued panels made of solid staves.
    The second site includes all necessary operations to produce FJ staves (both for glued panels and milled dimensions) with subsequent profile molding through S4S Profile Molders, with finishing process, production packing and labeling. We carry out a gluing process, a cut to size process, panel surfacing and sanding at the same site, as well as production packing and shipping to a customer.
    There is a Quality Department with highly qualified staff at the plant and we also implement the plant personnel conversion training and re-training programs to consistently increase the personnel skills and qualification level. The personnel categories are officially certified.
    Cutting tools maintenance is provided with a special care. We implement measures to encourage the sharpeners in our maintenance Department of Cutting Tools constantly increase their qualification.
    High qualification of our personnel and hi-tech grinding material along with exclusive use of Leitz cutting tools (Germany) assure the finished production fine quality which has been appreciated by our partners and customers.