The list of production is rather long and includes all kinds of panels and molded production variety demanded on timber industry market.


    Paneling is made of both - softwood and hardwood. It is perfect for both interior and exterior finishing works if used to enrich exterior esthetics of buildings and creating of health giving and vivifying atmosphere of natural woods.
    Other than its decorative features and due to tongue and groove joints the paneling makes perfect insulating and warming material for insulating walls from weather effects.
    Using this type of paneling for house finishing works will not only allow to create healthy and pollution-free atmosphere but also to fill your house with warmth and cosines.

Door frame component
    Door frame component is made of softwood and used in housing construction for door frames. In order to improve its decorative effect it can also be coated with a decorative protective film.

    Flooring is made 21 - 35 mm thick and is manufactured according to GOST 8242-88. The boards are made up to 45 mm thick (per standard specifications of the plant). If properly used and laid will not lose to, but outperform laminated coating consumer properties and ecological acceptance.

Cant imitation
    This production is used for interior and exterior finishing work on houses.

All of the above listed dimensions can be produced solid or finger-jointed.
    The end-jointing method allows not only to bring the yield of low quality stock to maximum, but also to produce the finished production that meets all special requirements, such as:
  • Maximum stress relief in material
  • Producing a clear workpiece with oriented direction of fiber


    Furniture panels can be glued from solid staves and from F-J staves. Remarkably, when a panel is glued from F-J staves it gains a very beneficial feature - the production is nearly 100% relieved from inner stresses, which therefore, adds stability in its dimensions for a long period of time.
    The application of the glued panels is various - it is an ecologically clean material for furniture manufacturing and construction. It is also an easy processed material for custom and small-lot joinery production.
    individual grades of glued panels are used for rough flooring. At "Viysky DOK" the glued panel manufacturing is carried out by cold edge-gluing pressing with no longer than 4 hrs of curing. This technological process feature implies complete curing and stabilization of cohesive agent without any thermal impacts, which multiply improves the finished product quality.